Risk Disclosure at 1Win

We want to inform you about the risks involved in gambling. By registering you confirm that you understand the risk of losing money. Any deposit on 1winng.com does not guarantee a win. By placing a bet, you acknowledge that it is a payment for pleasure and not a deposit for profit. 

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We do not represent that our services meet the legal requirements of your country or state. Therefore, it is your choice to participate in gambling. However, you accept responsibility if your law prohibits online gambling.

The website www.1win.pro contains a list of countries that allow gambling. But we need to include that the information may be outdated or inexact. You agree that it is your responsibility to verify the legality of the online casino in your territory. 

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1Win adheres to the rules of responsible gambling, so it warns about the risks. We ensure the security of your data and access to important information. Therefore, you should know that gambling is based on a random number generator. Thus, the results are unpredictable and cannot be guaranteed. By participating, you acknowledge that you are aware of the possible financial losses.