Play Mines in Nigeria at 1Win

The exciting Mines casino game is now available on the 1Win website. We will be covering everything regarding the Mines game from how to play and even tips on how to win. All you need to do is register with 1Win to enjoy playing his game.

Play with welcome bonuses in a unique Mains game from 1Win Nigeria

How To Start Playing mines?

Before you start playing the game Mines, you will need to register. The sign up process takes just a few minutes when you follow these easy steps.

  1. Visit site – Click on one of the links on this page to direct you to the 1Win site 
  2. Click Registration – On the home page click on the green Registration button at the top right of the page.
  3. Enter Personal Information – On the home page It will take you to a pop-up window which will ask for your mobile number, email and for you to select a Password. 
  4. Click Register – Once all your personal information has been entered, click on the Register button to complete the signing up process. 

Here you can learn more about the 1Win registration process.

Registration on the site is quite simple, you can go through from your phone or computer

How to play mines

The Mines game is loosely based on the Minesweeper game and is super easy to play even if you are new to online betting. Firstly you will need to Visit the 1Win Casino 

  1. Search for Mines game: Search for the Mines game in the search bar
  2. Select Grid Size: Choose a grid size between 3×3 and 9×9.
  3. Set Number of Mines: Decide how many Mines (Bombs) to place on the grid, ranging from 1 to 80.
  4. Place Bet: Set your desired bet level and press the Bet button to start the round.
  5. Click on Spaces: Select spaces on the grid one at a time.
  6. Diamond Symbol: If you uncover a Diamond, your current win value increases and you get another pick.
  7. Mine Symbol: If you uncover a Mine, the round ends and you lose all current winnings.
  8. Cash Out Option: After uncovering a Diamond, you have the option to Cash Out and secure your current win amount, ending the round. 
The game is very similar to the classic Sapper game that many have seen before

Play 1Win mines pro in application

The Mines app is superbly designed with great speed which makes it perfect to play the Mines casino game. All you need to do is download the 1Win app from our site. The app is very convenient to play the Mines game as you can play while you are at home or even at work.

You can play different games from the official 1Win app

Mines Gameplay

The Mine Game is an exciting casino game that combines the fun of searching for precious stones with the thrill of gambling. Unlike typical slot machines where you just spin reels, in this game, you explore a field filled with hidden gems and dangerous mines. Your goal is to find as many treasures as you can without hitting a mine.

Imagine a grid where each cell could hide either a multiplier or a mine. The concept of the Mines Game is simple, choose your bet size then decide the number of mines and begin revealing cells. The more cells you uncover without hitting a mine, the higher your winnings can grow. But with each click, the risk increases but so do the rewards. If you hit a mine, you lose the game. 

The gameplay is pretty simple, watch the bet and choose your cells

Demo account

The Mines game at 1win has a demo version which is very important as you can learn the rules and strategies of the game without risking real  money. When you open the Mines game, look out on the top right of the screen for the button that will allow you to play the demo version. Remember there is no 1Win bonus code to claim the welcome bonus. The bonus can be used to play the Mines game.

The first time you play a demo version to understand the mechanics and strategy

Tips and Tricks to Win Big With the Mines Game

Gambling is always a risk so there is no foolproof way of winning with the Mines game but there are some tips that could increase your chances of winning. Before adopting these tips, please remember to claim your 1Win welcome bonus after making your first deposit. Here are some tricks for you to try on the Mines game:

  • The 1:1 method: A popular strategy in the Mines game to increase your chances of winning is to set the number of mines to 1. Choose one tile to place a bet on and turn on auto mode and set it to your preferred number of bets for continuous play. With only one mine on the field and betting on just one tile each time, you maximise your chances of winning.
  • Use smaller grids: Make your games easier by using smaller grids or having fewer mines. The payouts might be lower, but you’ll have a lower chance of hitting a mine. Try with different numbers of mines to find a balance between easier gameplay and making a good profit.
  • Cash out while you’re ahead: It is quite easy with a game like Mines to push ahead and look for the big win. It is sometimes better to cash out and secure smaller winnings than risk losing your bet.
Stick to a safe gambling strategy, take your time and don't take big risks

Is Mines game legit in Nigeria?

Playing the Mines casino game is totally legal if you are a member of one of the legalised online betting companies. 1Win Nigeria is a betting platform that meets international regulatory standards and has a valid licence, ensuring its services are trustworthy and secure. Nigerian players can use the platform without worrying about legal issues.

1Win Nigeria is completely safe and is licensed by Curaçao


The Mines game is fast paced and players can easily lose track of their budget. It is of crucial importance that players stick to their budget and never chase their losses as this could lead to financial issues.  

Year Founded 2022
Maximum win 10000x stake amount 
Official site to play Mines 
Always treat the game responsibly and with a cool mindset