Responsible Gaming at 1Win

Gambling is one of the most popular forms of entertainment today. According to experts, the overall online casino market reached $80 billion in the last year and this number continues to grow. However, there is increasing concern about gambling addiction.

That’s why newcomers need to approach online gambling with caution and choose a licensed casino, as only legal establishments guarantee responsible gaming. 1Win adheres to the principle of responsible gaming. The gaming platform’s priority is to protect customers from gambling addiction.

The Principle of Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming includes control measures from the gaming club. Visitors are required to not only register but also undergo verification to confirm their age and provide documentation for verification. There are age restrictions for visitors of gambling portals: the gambler must be 21+ years old.

Another option that shows a high level of social responsibility is the ability to permanently or temporarily deactivate your account in the casino. Such self-restriction allows you to stop when the game goes too far.

Every licensed casino warns about the risk of developing gambling addiction and that betting always carries the chance of both losing and winning. Gambling addiction, or ludomania, is officially recognized as a mental disorder. It manifests as an uncontrollable desire to constantly play games of chance. 

To prevent this disorder, Win1 Casino has developed a list of basic rules, including:

  • prohibiting underage gambling;
  • setting time limits for gambling;
  • establishing a limit for real money bets;
  • mandatory breaks during casino play;
  • prohibiting gambling while under the influence of alcohol and other rules.

By following these simple recommendations, online casino gambling is considered safe entertainment.

Rules of Responsible Gambling

There are several rules for responsible gambling in online casinos that are constantly emphasized by software developers, government agencies, the Gambling Commission, and casino administrations.

Rule #1. Winning at a casino cannot be considered earnings

Do not consider the money won at a casino as earnings. Many players lose their heads when they manage to win a nice sum of money. To avoid being among such gamblers, follow these rules when playing in an online casino:

  • spend 25% of your winnings and cash out the rest;
  • stop playing after a loss and continue next time;
  • take a break from gambling, as the brain is unable to function properly after the third machine;
  • keep a watch nearby and monitor the time spent in the game.

These simple tips will help not only save money but also take your winnings with you.

Rule #2. Always study the rules

The rules of responsible gambling apply not only to behavior in the casino but also to the most risky games. It often happens that casino customers start playing a new slot and lose all their money in it, and then make claims to the casino administration.

If you want to try your luck in a new game, it’s better to familiarize yourself with the rules, learn the combinations, and play in demo mode before spending real money.

Responsible Gaming: Tips for Players

For the vast majority of online casino users, gambling is just a fun and exciting pastime. However, to prevent this entertainment from turning into a harmful habit, it is important to control the game and follow several tips:

  • set a limit on losses and stick to it;
  • choose games with low risk;
  • do not borrow money to play gambling games;
  • set time limits;
  • take breaks and do not get tired while playing;
  • combine gambling with other forms of entertainment;
  • it is forbidden to play in a casino while under the influence of alcohol, stress, or depression;
  • when losing control, immediately set game limits or contact customer support.

Gamblers should be able to clearly distinguish the real world from the virtual one. Learn more about this topic on the casino’s official website in the corresponding section.