Privacy Policy at 1Win NG

Get a clear understanding of how 1Win NG handles your personal data, including how we collect, use, and disclose information. Our privacy policy is designed to be transparent and secure.

Data Protection Policy

Our Data Protection Policy outlines how we handle and protect personal user data in accordance with applicable privacy laws. By using our services, you automatically agree to adhere to the terms outlined in this policy.

Privacy Concerns

Privacy is of utmost importance to us at 1Win, and we adhere strictly to all relevant privacy laws and regulations in Nigeria.

Collection of User Data

1Win may collect various types of information from users, including but not limited to IP addresses, session data, cookies, browser and operating system details, and location information (with user consent). This data is utilized to enhance our website, deliver personalized content and advertisements, and ensure the security of user accounts.

We pledge not to disclose users’ personal information to third parties, except where required by law or law enforcement agencies.

Methods of Data Acquisition

1Win employs several methods to collect user data, including:

  • Account registration: Users are required to provide certain personal information such as name, date of birth, email address, and phone number during account creation.
  • Cookie usage: We utilize cookies to gather information about user activities on our website, including device information and website interactions.
  • Analytics and tracking systems: 1Win utilizes various analytics tools like Google Analytics to gather insights into site traffic and user behavior.
  • Player feedback: We may seek feedback from users through surveys to improve our services.
  • Social media monitoring: We monitor user activity on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to gauge the popularity of our games and overall user engagement.

Consent for Electronic Service Providers

1Win offers electronic services for both casino and sports betting, prioritizing the security of user data. We collaborate with electronic service providers to maintain the quality of our platform and deliver exceptional customer support.

Users consent to the utilization of their data by our electronic service providers, who only access data necessary to provide their services. Users can revoke this consent by contacting our Customer Support team.

Security Verification Consent

Security is paramount at the online platform, and users are required to consent to security checks during registration. These checks are conducted to verify users’ identities, residency, and sources of financial income, ensuring a safe and secure gaming environment.

Safeguarding Your Information

Our support team employs advanced encryption technology to secure all user data stored on our servers. Additionally, we adhere to strict data privacy laws and implement measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information.

We do not permit the transfer, sale, or exchange of users’ personal information to third parties.

Application of Collected Information

The information collected by 1Win application is utilized to enhance user experience, optimize site performance, and attract new customers. Insights derived from user behavior data aid in the development of user-friendly interfaces, addition of new features, and formulation of marketing strategies.

Exclusions and Legal Disclaimers

1Win may disclose personal information about users if required by law or to protect rights, assets, or personal safety. However, we anonymize data before sharing it for addiction prevention research purposes.

Third-Party Practices

Third-party practices at the platform include payment systems, software providers, and advertising and analytics services. While we may engage third-party companies, user consent is always prioritized, and measures are taken to safeguard user privacy.

Accessing Your Data

User data is utilized by 1Win to deliver services, provide customer support, ensure security, process transactions, and fulfill business requirements.

Protection of Minors

1Win strictly prohibits minors from using our products, and personal data collected during 1Win registration is used to verify users’ ages.

International Transfers

Personal information collected by gambling company may be transferred and processed in countries where we or our affiliates program, suppliers, or agents operate. By using our services, users consent to such international transfers.

Cookie Usage

1Win employs cookies to enhance user experience and track service usage. These cookies do not grant access to other information on users’ devices and are used solely for service optimization.

Agreement with the Privacy Policy

By using services, users agree to adhere to our Privacy Policy, which complements our Terms of Use and other applicable terms and conditions.

External Websites

1Win may contain links to external websites not governed by our Privacy Policy. Users are encouraged to review the privacy policies of these websites before engaging with them.Your privacy is paramount to us at 1Win, and we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of anti-fraud data protection and security.

Enforcement Actions for Privacy Policy Violations

To ensure compliance and safeguard against breaches of our privacy policy, 1Win implements a range of enforcement actions, including:

  • Permanent or temporary account suspension
  • Imposition of financial penalties
  • Restriction of specific account activities

1Win is committed to maintaining its reputation and diligently monitors for any violations or fraudulent activities. If you believe you have been mistakenly penalized, please reach out to 1Win Support Team for prompt resolution.